Speak A/S

Speak is a proud old Danish company in which a couple of development projects have survived and now exist in a modern form. Speak offers technology both within hardware and software which can be used to establish cheap telephony to remote countries most appealing for the companies with the most travelling.


Emento A/S

Emento is a start-up company with an experienced team with strong resources driven by the desire making it easier being a patient in the Danish public healthcare system. Emento creates digital communication solutions between the clinical personel and the patients. Emento is a passionate company which always strives to be the best.


Lector ApS

Lector delivers, implements and develops strategic IT-solutions for managing knowledge and information – these translate into results in terms of business and competitive advantages for the customer. We offer both standard solutions developed by Lector and IT services based on standard platforms such as Microsoft, Oracle, Java and Mobility platforms for smartphones.


Jensen LED Holding A/S

JensenLED offers the market’s most tested and quality assured LED-solutions to the industry along with production, service and trading companies all over the world. All LED-pipes use the original and patented LED-construction which was developed by the founder of JensenLED, Allan Krogh Jensen. JensenLED owns patent for LED tubes in the entire Europe, USA, and Canada together with a lot of other countries.



Journl er en generiskplatform til indsamling af patienttrapporterede reatidsdata der udnytter mulighederne indenfor smartphones og wearables.


Envelop Risk

Envelop Risk is a global specialty cyber underwriting firm, combining decades of insurance industry expertise with sophisticated cyber and machine learning analytics tools. Envelop Risk provides pricing, risk analysis, and underwriting to insurers and reinsurers.


Firmainvest offers funding in the form of subordinated loans to Carta. Carta is the easy and quick way if you want to raise a loan for a car Through the cooperation with distributors in most of Denmark, Carta offers financing to cars, vans and mobile homes to private and companies, either as loan or leasing leasing agreements.


athome apartments

Firmainvest provides loans til athome apartments. Newly-built service apartments with attractive location in Skejby in North Aarhus. athome apartments can be used by business people, health care personnel, researchers and private individuals. Various companies also have their own athome apartment, which is put at the disposal of employees or guests. Designed and built for all who have use for a temporary residence. Fully furnished living quarters with a homey atmosphere and all of the essential facilities.

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