Capital from Firmainvest is meant to be the basis for growth and continuous development. We invest to generate jobs creating value og and achieving growth and realizing long-term strategies.


We contribute with an active ownership through a representation in the board, but we also contribute with a discussing og challenging behaviour towards the management and other key personel. Our primary feedback concerns strategy, leadership, and financial issues.

We have a lot of experience being close to the day-to-day management in our associated companies, and we consider our pragmatic and forthcoming approach as being one of our success factors within the complex interaction between new investors, the management and founders. 


At Firmainvest we like to consider our network a valuable asset and often it is within this network between accountants, lawyers or banking connections, that we find the companies that match our interests the best and in which we eventually end up investing. 

Additionally we use our network, locating suitable candidates for key positions within the companies, external consultants and board members. 

We willingly share our network and contacts with the associated companies and consider it as a success factor sharing knowledge between companies.

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